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Spiral silver pendant Agat Botswana-Agat Art Design LTD-45,50,55,agate,silver,STONE Spiral silver pendant Agat Botswana-Agat Art Design LTD-45,50,55,agate,silver,STONE
45 50 55
Agate Botswana silver pendant with beatiful spiral element. A rare artisan handmade silver art along with a gleaming unique gemstone. Elegant and sensational gift for her that will fit any outfit you choose.One of a kind jewelry made specialy for you. Pendant face measures19 by 25 mm. The breastplate stones were set at the vest of the high priest and they represented the 12 tribes of Israel. The breastplate has many virtues. Resulting from the contribution and uniqueness of each stone. This jewel set with stone from the breastplate stones. Agate: Belongs to the tribe of Naphtali, protects from the evil eye, gives courage and helps to deal with fears, a strong healing stone. Each of the breastplate stones has its own virtues while in the material value the stones are completely different from each other, precious stones can be seen next to semi-precious stones as equal, hence we learn that they were chosen not because of their material value but because of their energetic power. A jewel made of breastplate stones creates a powerful tool for attracting abundance and blessing.
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