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Chen Winkler Art Gallery


Chen Winkler's art gallery is in an exciting location in front of the ancient Andromeda rocks, in the Jaffa harbor, the second boarding platform. The ancient space is about 400 years old and it unites works of art made of crystals and unique stones from Israel and the from all over world and gives an immediate feeling of peace and elation. We are excited to open the space and host you for an experience that combines a tour of the gallery, acquaintances with the crystals and the art, and in addition to combine a workshop from a variety of selected workshops that we have collected for you, and at your choice, each workshop can be suitable for an intimate group of people. You can host formation days, boutique events and more... Together we will tailor the perfect event to your measurements. We can combine a tour of Jaffa, refreshments or music, whatever suits you, we are here to fulfill.

Interview with artist and sculptor Chen Winkler

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Chen Winkler is an Israeli artist and sculptor, an IDF reserve officer with the rank of colonel.

Chen Winkler is an Israeli artist and sculptor, an IDF reserve officer with the rank of colonel. He was born in 1969 in Netanya, where he lives and works. Chen's work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and around the world and his work is displayed in global museums, public parks, and buildings. He erected dozens of monuments and hundreds of artistic monuments throughout the country for individuals and private institutions, localities, and the Ministry of Defense. One of his well-known works is the "Wings" monument - the Victory Monument in Netanya, erected in collaboration with Russian sculptors to mark the victory of the Red Army over Nazi Germany in World War II. Winkler specializes in environmental sculpture and uses his sculpture using the green recycling method, which turns industrial waste into useful art products. As part of the realization of this vision, he established a company in which about 8 tons of industrial waste are converted into designed elements every day. This website is all about Chen's jewelry as a work of art, signed by international artist, sculptor Chen Winkler. A unique designed and sculpted piece of jewelry that combines stone from the Land of Israel and jewels with gold or silver. The jewel can be a work of art that tells a story and a connection between the Land of Israel, The land of Israel and the art we take with us can remain connected to it, to the Land of Israel. Some of the works feature places, maps, and charts that are indicated in the country. The use of Israeli stones that were taken from holy places like Jerusalem and Tiberias. Chen also uses these works with gems, stones with energies, and purple. Stones of the sensory stone, formerly dotted with the ‘Cohen Gadol’ clothing while serving in the Temple.

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