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8 Healing Crystals and How to Use Them

8 Healing Crystals and How to Use Them

8 Healing Crystals and How to Use Them

There are a number of different types of crystals out there. Some people believe they have healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul.

In fact, many ancient cultures — including Egypt, Greece, and China — believed that crystals have healing properties.

Some people claim that crystals promote the flow of good energy and help rid your body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits.

However, it’s important to know that there’s almost no scientific evidence to support the use of crystals.

1) Onyx

Onyx stone is a form of chalcedony, which means it has a microcrystalline structure, making it slightly denser than other forms of quartz. Although it’s technically colorless, onyx stone typically ranges from black or white through grey or brown, with subtle reds, yellows, and oranges possible in some samples. Onyx stone is mostly found in Brazil and India—the latter producing both polished gems for jewelry as well as a rough crystal for use in healing bracelets.

In Hinduism, Onyx symbolizes wealth, strength, longevity and good luck. The most common way to wear onyx is in rings. Since they're so durable, many people will buy them at craft stores and use them as costume jewelry that's fun to wear without worrying about damaging it. However, when used properly (and not treated like costume jewelry), an onyx ring can bring its wearer several benefits:

1) It can protect against bad dreams by absorbing negative energy before it reaches you

2) It provides clarity of thought

3) It reduces anger

4) It helps those who are having trouble forgiving others

5) It brings peace

6) Protects against financial loss

7) Aids concentration

8) Fights anxiety

9) Reduces stress

10 ) Provides balance within one's life

2) Amethyst

Amethyst is a meditative, calming crystal that can help with focus. It’s great for meditation because it improves concentration while simultaneously reducing anxiety.

Amethyst is also used in natural medicine because of its pain-relieving properties, particularly when dealing with headaches or migraines. For example, you can place amethyst over your forehead and temples to treat a headache caused by sinus pressure or other congestion in your head.


3) Smokey Quartz

There are several different types of quartz, each with its own set of unique properties. Smoky quartz, for example, is a type of quartz that comes in both dark brown and gray. It’s one of only two naturally occurring magnetic stones, meaning it can be used to repel radiation—which is important for protecting our health during high-tech times.

Smoky quartz also boosts immunity when worn as jewelry or carried around as an amulet; however, you’ll need natural smokey quartz in order to reap these benefits. Also known as: tiger's eye stone. Other names: slate stone.

4) Malachite

Malachite is a deep green stone with a wonderful metallic shine. Because of its beautiful color, it’s often called emerald-stone, or even green emerald. Malachite is one of my favorites because it also has such a pretty shiny quality. I love that it’s been used as jewelry since ancient times, yet today you’ll find that it still looks just as stunningly vibrant.

For instance, celebrities like Lindsay Lohan are known for wearing malachite rings; however, don't be fooled by their tastes in fashion—malachite doesn't need to be displayed in all its glory on your hand to make a difference!

5) Citrine

Citrine stone has a powerful energy that is best used for attracting prosperity, abundance, and wealth. To draw wealth into your life with Citrine, start by buying Citrine jewelry or creating a Citrine healing crystal grid at home. Place your Citrine gemstones in areas where they can be easily seen—like on top of a dresser or table—and use positive affirmations every time you look at them. And don’t forget to make sure that your Citrine crystals are clean before wearing them!

You can wash Citrine stones with warm water and soap if needed.

6) Hematite

Hematite can promote understanding of one’s personal challenges, whether physical, mental, or emotional. It is an especially helpful crystal for those who are facing difficulties with transitions in their lives, such as moving from one place to another or from one job or relationship to another.

Hematite also helps us maintain a sense of calm when dealing with problems at work. - A healing crystal that strengthens your mind and body by releasing negative emotions.

7) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of nobility, truth, wisdom, and intuition. Wearing Lapis Lazuli can promote deep inner healing as well as healing on physical levels. It is known for helping people discover their true selves. Some say it helps one see through obstacles by connecting them with their own inner strength.

As a blue stone, Lapis is said to bring the energy of communication in order to help one speak with clarity so they can manifest their goals into reality.

Those who are overworked should make use of Lapis Lazuli’s restorative properties by placing it under your pillow at night.

8) Emerald

The Emerald stone is a variety of beryl, so it often shares characteristics with other green gems. Emeralds are known for their soothing, calming qualities, as well as their focus on wellness. In fact, green crystals, in general, are said to help maintain or restore health—and they’re used in many alternative medicine practices around the world.

Emerald jewelry has long been thought of as healing jewelry because it draws on these powerful energies. The only way to get an actual emerald crystal (as opposed to a gemstone) is by mining, which means you need tools like metal detectors and excavation equipment.

So, unless you have access to some fancy equipment (or are willing to start your own mine), I wouldn't recommend that you look for an emerald crystal specifically for your crystal-healing practice.


To Sum Up:


If you’re interested in healing crystals, all that’s left is finding a stone or jewelry that resonates with you.

There are no hard-and-fast rules, but it can be helpful to look up your birthday or get advice from an intuitive healer—that way, you can make sure you find a crystal that will help bring balance back into your life. In many ways, it’s just like shopping for any other type of jewelry—just don’t forget to ground yourself afterward! For instance, if you choose onyx as your healing stone, wear it for at least a day before getting rid of it.

The same goes for pearls: wearing them increases their healing power by 100 times so always keep them around when not wearing them.


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