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 The 12 breastplate stones were set at the vest of the high priest and they represented the 12 tribes of Israel.

Each of the breastplate stones has its own virtues and virtues while in the material value the stones are completely different from each other, precious stones can be seen next to semi-precious stones as equal, hence we learn that they were chosen not because of their material value but because of their energetic power.

The breastplate has many virtues. Resulting from the contribution and uniqueness of each stone.

A jewel made of breastplate stones creates a powerful tool for attracting abundance and blessing.


The breastplate stones and their virtues:

Ruby: Belongs to the Reuben tribe, gives vigor, vitality, strength and energy. Strengthens and revitalizes the body and is therefore recommended for people who suffer from lack of energy and weakness.

Topaz: Belongs to the tribe of Shimon, has a high healing energy, and strengthens the physical body. A stone of abundance, self-confidence and creativity.

Emerald: Belongs to the tribe of Levi, an emotional clinic and helps to develop feelings of unconditional love, helps in healing infections and heart problems.

Grant: Belongs to the tribe of Judah, stimulates energies, strengthens the fertility system.

Sapphire: Belongs to the tribe of Issachar, the stone of truth, purity of thought and wisdom, brings peace to the soul and especially helps with eye health.

Diamond: Belongs to the tribe of Zebulun, the stone of wealth and courage. Removes fears.

Citrine: Belongs to the Dan tribe, the stone of abundance and success, its energy recharges and revives.

Agate: Belongs to the tribe of Naphtali, protects from the evil eye, gives courage and helps to deal with fears, a strong healing stone.

Amethyst: Belongs to the tribe of Gad, the stone of the soul, connects us to the peace that is deep within us, gives harmony and patience.

Aquamarine: Belongs to the Asher tribe, a stone of flow, clarity and inspiration, helping to heal the airways.

Onyx: Belongs to the tribe of Joseph, gives energy of stability, self-control and balance.

Jasper: Belongs to the tribe of Benjamin, helps to preserve human energy at a high level and strengthens the immune system.

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