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925 silver ring. Genuine stone Turquoise, This is one of the most popular and famous of all gemstones world wide. This sky blue colored gem is a classic gemstone and has been revered for thousands of years. Heart shaped ring.This romantic ring is sure to melt the heart of that special someone and would be an ideal gift for a 40th wedding anniversary or for any other special occasion. Available in 925 silver with the stone Amethyst. Also available in 14k gold plated withe stones Amethyst and Turquoise.  
14K gold plated ring, genuine stone Amethyst ring represents exceptional beauty and value. Handcrafted. The 14K gold plated really highlights the exquisite purple sparkle of the amethyst. If you're looking for an exceptional gift, this luxurious Turquoise ring is a sure-fire choice. A timeless piece of jewelry, this is a ring that will give its lucky wearer long-lasting joy and wear. Available in the genuine stone Black Onyx. Also available in 925 silver ring with the stones Turquoise, Onyx or Lapis.  
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