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14K gold plated pendant. Mix of genuine stones Turquoise, Amethyst and Lapis. This handcrafted pendant is a truly charming piece of jewellery that makes a beautifully heart-warming gift for the one you love. Available in 925 silver pendant.  And available in 925 silver necklce, mix of dazzling stones -  Fluorite and Labradorite.Labradorite stone is as mystical as its iridescent changing colors suggest. the healing properties of this healing crystal are all about tapping into your own wonderful well of creativity and connecting with the higher consciousness. And Fluorite's clear energy helps us to ride the roller coaster of life while maintaining a clear spiritual awareness that there is, indeed, more to life than we can see with our eyes. It helps us to feel and know in confidence that there is a more spiritual nature to everything. Fluorite energy can help to open and keep open the channel to the spirit world. so this two togther combined a magical energy and an amazing necklace!!!
14K gold plated pendant with genuine stones Amethyst, rhodochrosite and aqwamarine. So timeless it suits any occasion, it's beautifully handcrafted. A special gift that is sure to light up your loved one's smile. Available in 925 silver pendant.
14 Karat gold plated Pendant with Ruby 14 Karat gold plated Pendant with Ruby
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This beautiful ruby pendant would make the perfect gift or a luxurious little treat. The red ruby looks stunning in a pristine 14K yellow gold plated setting. It's a classic piece that will become one of the most cherished items in your jewellery box. Also available in the stones- Larimar and Roman Glass.  Available in 925 silver pendant and with earring set and the stones- Larimar, Ruby and Roman glass.
14K gold plated Earring set with genuine stones Amethyst, rhodochrosite and aqwa marine. Masterfully designed and crafted in the Land of Israel. Stunning pair of designer earrings Will make a fantastic gift for a birthday, graduation, engagement, anniversary, holiday or any other special occasion. Available in 925 silver and with pendant set. Length 4 cm  
14K gold plated Earring set with genuine stones Ruby. All Rubies are the precious stone of choice for 40th wedding anniversaries and are the birthstone for July so they are an excellent choice for a number of occasions. The simple beauty of this ruby solitairering means that anyone would be thrilled to receive such a beautiful piece of jewellery. Available in 925 silver earring and with pendant set- in Roman glass, Larimar and Ruby. Available in 14K gold plated Earring and with pendant set- in Roman glass, Larimar and Ruby.  
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